Spiritual Message Nov 2015

What does devotion mean to you. Do you have devotion attached to some thing or some body. Is it all embracing, that is , does it come with love, overwhelming love? Would you do anything (without thought for yourself) for that person or ideal, irrespective of what anyone else should think. We would think that anything that comes with such overwhelming love would be accepted even by those who may not understand.
Maybe you have devotion to life itself, to everyone and everything. Life, in all its aspects, being divinely given needs to be respected, cared for.

What does love mean to you. Is it an intense feeling full of deep affection, fondness and devotion?
Is it unattached?

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Oct 2015

They say ‘silence is golden’.

Silence is even more precious than gold, than anything else one could name.

In silence you can feel the soft caress of the Divine, easing a trouble mind.

In the silence the Divine can talk to you, inspiration can come.

In the silence all things become possible.

In the silence you feel at one with the world.

In the silence answers come.

The silence gives you the strength to carry on when everything appears against you.

We need the silence in this world of ‘noise’; there are few places to be where there is no noise pollution.

And yet…we can find that silence within. Some may call it peace. This comes easily to some but for others it has to be worked at. There are many ways we can do this. Our troublesome mind is always wanting the first say in everything, interrupting when we wish it wouldn’t. The mind doesn’t realise it needs a rest! Let the mind know the rules!

Find the silence, the peace within. Let it be your constant companion.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Sep 2015

There are times when we all feel the overwhelming love of the Divine filling our very being. This Divine Grace will bring a peace that is beyond understanding; a state where we merge with the Divine and all that exists, for all that exists is the Divine.

The above experience can be life-changing for the love you have experienced stays and you then share it freely with all, for you know you are part of the ‘all’. You have always been a necessary ‘part’ (even though you may not have realised it) just as everyone and everything else is and the ‘little self’ disappears.

The above can happen at any time and for many reasons, the most likely being an open heart; a heart full kindness and compassion, one in readiness to help where help is needed.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Aug 2015

Why don’t we spend more time with our truest and dearest friend? The one closest to us, who is always there for us no matter what troubles we encounter, ready to support and advise when asked?

The spirit within, closer than the breath we breathe, always there but not always recognised. We may recognise our silent (waiting) friend when we are in meditation, a reflective mood or when we are desperate and not knowing where to turn! Turn and feel the Divine presence within and all around you. You will be soothed and answers will come.

Another true and dependable friend is our mantra. Like the spirit within our mantra is always there and ready to help in any situation, soothing the turbulent mind.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Jul 2015

We need to relieve ourselves of the burdens we carry with us i.e. jealousy, hatred, impatience, greed, self-centeredness, for these impede our way through life; they are like a rope around our neck holding us back from our spiritual endeavours. We can then make the world a better place, not just for ourselves but for others.

These ‘burdens’ appear to be a natural part of human nature to some. However, this is an illusion, for they are not natural at all.

The most natural part of human nature is to love. If we love, and truly love, then those burdens will drop away, but until they do we cannot truly love!

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Jun 2015

Have you ever conversed with trees?

When you walk in the woods (which I hope you do from time to time) look, listen become aware of what the trees have to say, for they speak of strength, of an inner stillness, of the ability to live close to one another without discord.

They tell stories, one about how life was easier for them years ago before there was so much pollution. Now they have to work harder to help make cleaner air for us to breathe, sometimes they fail and die. To a certain degree they also combat noise.

There is another about over crowding, being choked in the fight to have enough water and food, to have enough space to grow strong and do what they were born to do – grow towards the light.

The trees speak of an inner strength, rather than physical strength. They talk of stillness as a peacefulness, a silence that is present deep inside. Of giving one another space to live, to love and do what each of us is destined to do without preconditions.

Sit, put your back to a tree, open your heart, talk to it. It will listen as others may not. Then close your eyes, relax and know that you are understood and blessed. Be aware of the shelter given, not just from the pouring rain or the brilliant sunshine. You may find you recieve some of its stillness and strength.

They give us many things, especially helping us to breathe by working hand in hand with us, but I’m sure you know this. We need them, the trees more than ever, just as we need to understand one another more than ever!

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Apr 2015

Remembrances of times past can be very special, like looking at old photographs and keeping in touch with old friends, but living in past memories or trying to re-create exciting times can be wasteful of the very precious time we have NOW. Nor should we live in the future even though the anticipation of something can be all-consuming until the time of fruition. Yet the fruition can sometimes be very disappointing.

Living in the present is more important; what is past is past and what is to come will come, but NOW has to be lived to the best of our ability for the future is always uncertain. Waste not even a moment of the present for it is very precious. Live it to the full and not on frivolous things, but on things that are fulfilling and rewarding. Leave nothing until tomorrow, for as it is said – “tomorrow never comes”.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Mar 2015

YOU are beautiful!

Beauty is not dependent on certain physical attributes; it comes from deep within the soul, where the spirit resides.

The beautiful person may have worked long at cleansing the ‘windows of the mind’, ‘inhibiting’ those tendencies which go to make life both unpleasant for the giver as well as the recipient; those tendencies that cause pain and suffering in many ways.

Inhibiting is not always easy. It requires us to stop, to hesitate for a moment, for that is all it takes, before acting or speaking, providing the opportunity to determine whether an action or speech is likely to be beneficial or harmful. This can take much practice, a lifetime perhaps.

It thus enables us to begin to ‘cleanse the windows of the mind’ and make those tendencies we would choose not to have lose their hold over us. A little like cleaning your glasses, you see the world in a different light.

Beautiful people, are kind, sympathetic, calm, prepared to give of themselves, to listen patiently and help selflessly. They are people you would wish to know and be near.

We are born to live, but the veil of illusion (maya) covers our consciousness and the ego (ahamkara) takes a hold to help us survive. In other words we become self-centred, but some of us realise before others that our centre our Self, our essence, is not self centred and egotistical!

Our self-centredness means we must work with the package we have been born with i.e. body mind and spirit and keep it together as a whole in the best possible way realising that as one little cell in the body of the Divine we need to work hand in hand with all those other ‘little cells’ that are our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers…

We need to clean, rub, scrub even do the dance of the seven veils, to uncover ourselves! Cleanse the windows of the mind, so the mind and the ego work for us to help us find that beautiful person/spirit that is our essence. This will then mean that we find some peace and contentment in the hustle and bustle of life.

YOU are beautiful!

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Feb 2015

Find the Silence, find it in the world around you and find it within your heart, your mind and your spirit. This is not an easy task, for some more difficult than others.

In the silence, all things become possible, are possible. Listen for it, in the hustle and bustle of life as well as in those times of meditation. Finding the silence can help us stay sane in this world of noise, hurry and suffering.

The silence within is full, full of joy, full of potential, full of great things. Working from that silence beyond egotistical thoughts and feelings can bring peace and contentment in our lives.

Be a witness of all you do, stand back and allow your work to come from the silence in your heart. In your watchfulness you can take greater care and approach whatever we do selflessly, whether you are talking, listening or acting.

Wishing you all happiness, peace and good health in 2015.

Love and blessings
Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Dec 2014

Dear One, bless this earth upon which we live. Bless all that dwells upon it.

Let us be aware of and appreciate the support and nourishment the earth gives us and understand the need to care for it.

Let us support and appreciate one another for people need people. Recognise the need to love and understand one another no matter what colour, race or religion.

Many things oppose love and peace in our hearts, so root them out. Operations of this kind can be painful but are very necessary for us to live in harmony with one another and our true selves. Our true selves, our spirit is nothing but love.

Satchidananda Ma