Food for Thought

The following is a quote from the April 2007 issue of the Reader’s Digest Magazine:

“While no one can actually prove that prayer can cure illness, many doctors cite cases of recovery that cannot be attributed to any other reason. What we do know is that religion and spirituality can reduce stress and boost the immune system.
“Population studies have shown that those who regularly go to church live on average seven years longer than those who aren’t religious”, says Anne Douglas, chair of Scotland’s Christian Fellowship of Healing. Several studies have looked at spirituality and the immune function and found a connection.
In a 1997 study of older adults by Dr. Harold Koenig, professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences said that people who attend religious services had far healthier immune systems then those who did not attend.
A study in 2001 of women with metastatic breast cancer found that the woman who rated spirituality as important had a greater number of circulating white blood cells and total lymphocyte counts — reflecting stronger immune systems — than those who did not. A 2002 study of Aids patients found that the most religious patients had the lowest levels of the stress hormone cortisol and that frequency of prayer was significantly related to longer survival.”
(Member’s comment)
The more we think about this article, the greater the connection with Spiritual or Natural Healing. The people mentioned are all connecting by prayer and thought to the Natural Energy Source and obviously benefiting from that connection. We in Healing connect, possibly more strongly, to that source thorough attunement. Our purpose is to create harmony of mind, body and spirit to help the immune system of the patient. As can be seen from this article the Spirituality connection results in a far healthier immune system by increasing the lymphocyte count. It follows that Spiritual Healing creates a form of leucocytosis increasing the number of white blood cells in the lymph nodes to fight any form of disease.

Harry King