Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?

There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. Under the right conditions we know it works. There are thousands of anecdotes of successful healing, including many miraculous cures. So how do we know and how do we recognise it?
It is apparent, to both the patient and to the healer that energy is delivered through the hands of the healer. It may be felt as heat, as vibration or both together. It is not always the same and will vary from patient to patient depending upon the condition that is to be treated.
There is always a holistic improvement in the patient’s condition and this is cumulative with repeated attendances for treatment.
The condition for which treatment is sought may not itself always show early improvement. Clearly if the cause is not removed it is unlikely that a cure can result. The patient of course may have to change bad habits of lifestyle if this is causing the problem. However the healing effect, because it is holistic, will bear fruit eventually and assist the process within. Correctly delivered, healing energies, being non-invasive, cannot do harm. However no promises can be made as to the outcome of any treatment. A positive attitude is helpful and an expectation that an improvement will be received is a part of the positive process.

Fred Cousins, President of the Surrey Spiritual Healers Association.