Spiritual Message #1 2017

Many philosophies and religions are for those with eyes that see and ears that hear!  To gain and absorb the full meaning of the words it is necessary to look ‘behind’ them and ‘within’ them.

Although much benefit can still be gained by those who only see or hear the words literally.

We look and do not see because our mind is focused elsewhere. Look and see!

We supposedly listen but do not necessarily hear what is said.  Listen and hear!

We see and hear with a conditioned mind; a mind conditioned by our life so far.

Many do not see, possibly because they are blinkered and concerned just with their own little lives. This can cause huge problems.

Why do we not hear?  Is it because we are not interested or bored?

We can easily touch without true feeling.  Do we hug because it is the done thing, rather than giving a hug with true feeling and love?

Ask yourself…How often do we look and not see?

How often do we listen but not hear?

How often do we touch but not feel?

Many times these words have been said by me and no doubt many others too.

“What is this life so full of care we have no time to stand and stare” This line often quoted.  There is such beauty all around us and not necessarily seen and appreciated.  Those who see have a greater open view of the world, more spacial awareness.

Good listeners are people who care and who see the needs of others and act appropriately.

Wise words can be said but too easily fall on deaf ears.

There are occasions when we read something, without understanding, so we may need to re-read a number of times while completely focused.  It can also be good to read aloud or to have someone read to you.  It’s very pleasurable to be read to no matter how old you are!

We are past-masters at coming to wrong conclusions because we do not listen or see the whole picture!

Make someone’s day by looking at them and smiling.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Oct 2016

Sitting quietly in a church/temple/mosque, particularly an old building and becoming aware of retiring within, so your awareness goes beyond the body, and the mind resides in an essence of peace.

The same peace that is within the church etc is within you for you are also a temple.  Within you, just as within those buildings where the Divine/God resides is the Spirit Divine.

Just as we can find the welcome, the peace and the comfort in those buildings that have been prayed in over the years and given inspiration to the many it is so for those of us who meditate and silently commune with the Divine, we find that peace, that welcome and inspiration, which is beyond understanding.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Sept 2016

Pure love,

True love,

Unconditional love.

Love described in many ways.

Love the most powerful thing this world will ever know.

Love when sincerely sent / released can heal, can heal the soul, but not always the body.  Yet it can soothe the body just as it can ease an aching soul and make clear the spirit.

It comforts both the receiver and the sender.  It has no barriers, because it neither demands nor expects.

In other words it has clear passage.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message July 2016

The ‘ego’ is there for survival and for some it might be survival at all costs. The ego if it is unrestrained can become self-destructive.

It needs to be put in its place, it needs to see the fuller picture. Survival means much more than ‘I’, ‘me’ or ‘mine’. It means give and take, sharing, looking after one another.

You can be helping yourself and others by example. Let your natural condition be one of love and understanding as this can if it is not already become your natural state.

Be ever watchful of your reactions to live situations, temper your reactions with knowledge and as the ancients have said “know yourself”.

We all want a peaceful life, so why not endeavor to achieve that this time around by letting the mind/ego work on your behalf.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message June 2016

The Mystics both ancient and modern feel a oneness with the Lord, with God, with the Divine. They see, hear, feel and function not as ‘themselves’, but as the Divine serving humanity without any thought of themselves.  They serve with unconditional love.

Yet, it is so important for so many to have someone or something to worship; something separate from themselves.  This makes them no less sincere, for they also serve humanity with love, seeing everyone as a child of the Lord, as a representation of the Lord, loving as the Lord loves them.

Beware of false vanity, for those who say they know, do not know.  For if you are either of the above, you just ‘are’.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message April 2016

The sun shines, the rain falls.

Night follows day, clouds move silently across the blue sky.

One day follows another, one year the next.

Moods flow relentlessly up and down.

There is only ONE constant in life and that is the presence of the Divine/God.

Life up on this earth is fleeting.  Slow me down so that I can be aware of that Divine presence, rather than rushing headlong into life’s many distractions.

Just a glimpse of that presence can help to soothe life’s journey.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Mar 2016

Many times we have spoken about rising at dawn and many times a number of us have shared that time in chanting and prayer.  Many times we’ve realized the importance of and the benefit of starting the day in tune with the Divine/God, with the world and with ourselves.

Recently on sorting my filing cabinet I found the following –

‘I meet God in the morning
when my day is at its best,
And His presence came like sunrise, like a glory in my chest

All day long the Presence lingered
All day long He stayed with me
And we sailed in perfect calmness
O’er the very troubled sea.

So I think I know the secret
Learned from many a troubled way
You must seek Him in the morning, if you want him all the day.’

As far as I know it is anonymous, but should you know who wrote it please do let me know.

It reminded me of a mantra composed by Nigel –

On waking at daybreak’ I sing to the Lord:
my constant companion’ my shield and my sword. Alleluia

During the morning’ I quietly praise:
and whilst keeping silent I inwardly gaze.  Alleluia

Later at noontime’ meditating on love:
a clear shining brightness’ like light from above.  Alleluia

Thence to the evening’ I kneel down to pray:
rejoicing to know that’ the Lord shares my day.  Alleluia

With darkness descended’ I lie down to rest:
eternally grateful’ eternally blessed.  Alleluia

Of course we all know how important the above is, for it colours our thoughts, feelings and actions and so our approach to all we do.  It lifts our consciousness, our awareness, and the quality of our lives as we are reminded of the constant presence of the Divine.

 Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Mar 2016


We all gain abilities from the moment we are born. The most precious ability, the greatest ability is to give love, share love and be love.

To be love you need to be selfless. To become selfless can often mean much careful introspection and work on those selfish attitudes and desires so many of us (maybe all of us) have, and we can only surmise that these come from the need to survive. Yet there are those of us to whom it comes very naturally.

This ability to love and the need to be loved comes very early in our lives, one an innate ability the other for the comfort and security it gives.

A smile is the greatest gift you could give to someone as the intent is clear, because it can brighten someone else’s day and your own as well, for a smile usually comes from the heart.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Feb 2016

To Be in The Moment

There is only one constant, call it the Divine, call it love or call it God.

Everything other than that has a beginning, a middle and an end. Even though moments are like the blink of an eye they still have a beginning, a middle and an end. Yoga teaches us to hold on to the ‘middle’ and make the most of the it, yet we all know how difficult that is, as the mind wishes to either live in the past or the future and is always jumping from here to there.

Every moment moves rapidly to the next. Every thought, every word, every breath, every action begins, fulfils itself and ends. Just like life itself.

To be able to focus completely on one thing at a time and to live in the moment is to be able to make the most of and appreciate every breath, every smile and touch.

In the stillness, the middle of the breath or the moment we can be aware of the one constant in our lives, that which sustains life but which is otherwise hidden in our rush through life.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Dec 2015

On Christmas night become aware of the deep silence, an expectancy in its depth. A Divine presence manifesting as quietly as snow falling.

A joyous awakening in the morning to the purest of love emanating from the Christ spirit reawakened in our hearts, the greatest gift any one could wish for.

Have a peaceful and happy Christmas-time.

Satchidananda Ma