Spiritual Message #1 2017

Many philosophies and religions are for those with eyes that see and ears that hear!  To gain and absorb the full meaning of the words it is necessary to look ‘behind’ them and ‘within’ them.

Although much benefit can still be gained by those who only see or hear the words literally.

We look and do not see because our mind is focused elsewhere. Look and see!

We supposedly listen but do not necessarily hear what is said.  Listen and hear!

We see and hear with a conditioned mind; a mind conditioned by our life so far.

Many do not see, possibly because they are blinkered and concerned just with their own little lives. This can cause huge problems.

Why do we not hear?  Is it because we are not interested or bored?

We can easily touch without true feeling.  Do we hug because it is the done thing, rather than giving a hug with true feeling and love?

Ask yourself…How often do we look and not see?

How often do we listen but not hear?

How often do we touch but not feel?

Many times these words have been said by me and no doubt many others too.

“What is this life so full of care we have no time to stand and stare” This line often quoted.  There is such beauty all around us and not necessarily seen and appreciated.  Those who see have a greater open view of the world, more spacial awareness.

Good listeners are people who care and who see the needs of others and act appropriately.

Wise words can be said but too easily fall on deaf ears.

There are occasions when we read something, without understanding, so we may need to re-read a number of times while completely focused.  It can also be good to read aloud or to have someone read to you.  It’s very pleasurable to be read to no matter how old you are!

We are past-masters at coming to wrong conclusions because we do not listen or see the whole picture!

Make someone’s day by looking at them and smiling.

Satchidananda Ma