Spiritual Message Feb 2016

To Be in The Moment

There is only one constant, call it the Divine, call it love or call it God.

Everything other than that has a beginning, a middle and an end. Even though moments are like the blink of an eye they still have a beginning, a middle and an end. Yoga teaches us to hold on to the ‘middle’ and make the most of the it, yet we all know how difficult that is, as the mind wishes to either live in the past or the future and is always jumping from here to there.

Every moment moves rapidly to the next. Every thought, every word, every breath, every action begins, fulfils itself and ends. Just like life itself.

To be able to focus completely on one thing at a time and to live in the moment is to be able to make the most of and appreciate every breath, every smile and touch.

In the stillness, the middle of the breath or the moment we can be aware of the one constant in our lives, that which sustains life but which is otherwise hidden in our rush through life.

Satchidananda Ma