One on One Yoga Classes

Yoga taught one to one and/or one to two

Through the ages the practice of yoga has been passed down from teacher (guru) to student (disciple), whereby the students’ progress and development could be carefully observed and their individual practice specifically devised and adapted to suit their own needs.
Such individual guidance is available from Swami Satchidananda Ma, whether for students with particular interests or needs or where the student seeks to maximize the many advantages of yoga practice by working individually with an experienced tutor.

Mataji’ s long experience allows her to focus on different aspects of yoga practice as required, such as postures (asanas) for strength, flexibility and general fitness, a number of different approaches to meditation including mantra, breathing exercises for developing breath control (pranayama), increasing energy levels and quietening the mind, or relaxation and stress management.

Individual lessons offer an opportunity for students to experience the benefit of especially adapted programmes with modifications of asanas that suit their personal needs.  In this manner the student can continue to work within their own capacity whilst striving for self-improvement, all under the watchful eyes of Mataji.

An initial meeting assesses the needs and requirements of the student along with their personal aims for the sessions.  A practice programme is then devised for regular use at home. Individual lessons then take place every few weeks as determined to monitor the practice and to ensure ongoing development.

The home practice plan can vary to suit personal needs, depending on its role and how much time the student is able to make available. It is usually around 20 to 45 minutes.

Individual 60-minute lessons cost £40.