Spiritual Message Mar 2016

Many times we have spoken about rising at dawn and many times a number of us have shared that time in chanting and prayer.  Many times we’ve realized the importance of and the benefit of starting the day in tune with the Divine/God, with the world and with ourselves.

Recently on sorting my filing cabinet I found the following –

‘I meet God in the morning
when my day is at its best,
And His presence came like sunrise, like a glory in my chest

All day long the Presence lingered
All day long He stayed with me
And we sailed in perfect calmness
O’er the very troubled sea.

So I think I know the secret
Learned from many a troubled way
You must seek Him in the morning, if you want him all the day.’

As far as I know it is anonymous, but should you know who wrote it please do let me know.

It reminded me of a mantra composed by Nigel –

On waking at daybreak’ I sing to the Lord:
my constant companion’ my shield and my sword. Alleluia

During the morning’ I quietly praise:
and whilst keeping silent I inwardly gaze.  Alleluia

Later at noontime’ meditating on love:
a clear shining brightness’ like light from above.  Alleluia

Thence to the evening’ I kneel down to pray:
rejoicing to know that’ the Lord shares my day.  Alleluia

With darkness descended’ I lie down to rest:
eternally grateful’ eternally blessed.  Alleluia

Of course we all know how important the above is, for it colours our thoughts, feelings and actions and so our approach to all we do.  It lifts our consciousness, our awareness, and the quality of our lives as we are reminded of the constant presence of the Divine.

 Satchidananda Ma