Spiritual Message Jun 2015

Have you ever conversed with trees?

When you walk in the woods (which I hope you do from time to time) look, listen become aware of what the trees have to say, for they speak of strength, of an inner stillness, of the ability to live close to one another without discord.

They tell stories, one about how life was easier for them years ago before there was so much pollution. Now they have to work harder to help make cleaner air for us to breathe, sometimes they fail and die. To a certain degree they also combat noise.

There is another about over crowding, being choked in the fight to have enough water and food, to have enough space to grow strong and do what they were born to do – grow towards the light.

The trees speak of an inner strength, rather than physical strength. They talk of stillness as a peacefulness, a silence that is present deep inside. Of giving one another space to live, to love and do what each of us is destined to do without preconditions.

Sit, put your back to a tree, open your heart, talk to it. It will listen as others may not. Then close your eyes, relax and know that you are understood and blessed. Be aware of the shelter given, not just from the pouring rain or the brilliant sunshine. You may find you recieve some of its stillness and strength.

They give us many things, especially helping us to breathe by working hand in hand with us, but I’m sure you know this. We need them, the trees more than ever, just as we need to understand one another more than ever!

Satchidananda Ma