Spiritual Message Apr 2015

Remembrances of times past can be very special, like looking at old photographs and keeping in touch with old friends, but living in past memories or trying to re-create exciting times can be wasteful of the very precious time we have NOW. Nor should we live in the future even though the anticipation of something can be all-consuming until the time of fruition. Yet the fruition can sometimes be very disappointing.

Living in the present is more important; what is past is past and what is to come will come, but NOW has to be lived to the best of our ability for the future is always uncertain. Waste not even a moment of the present for it is very precious. Live it to the full and not on frivolous things, but on things that are fulfilling and rewarding. Leave nothing until tomorrow, for as it is said – “tomorrow never comes”.

Satchidananda Ma