Spiritual Message Mar 2015

YOU are beautiful!

Beauty is not dependent on certain physical attributes; it comes from deep within the soul, where the spirit resides.

The beautiful person may have worked long at cleansing the ‘windows of the mind’, ‘inhibiting’ those tendencies which go to make life both unpleasant for the giver as well as the recipient; those tendencies that cause pain and suffering in many ways.

Inhibiting is not always easy. It requires us to stop, to hesitate for a moment, for that is all it takes, before acting or speaking, providing the opportunity to determine whether an action or speech is likely to be beneficial or harmful. This can take much practice, a lifetime perhaps.

It thus enables us to begin to ‘cleanse the windows of the mind’ and make those tendencies we would choose not to have lose their hold over us. A little like cleaning your glasses, you see the world in a different light.

Beautiful people, are kind, sympathetic, calm, prepared to give of themselves, to listen patiently and help selflessly. They are people you would wish to know and be near.

We are born to live, but the veil of illusion (maya) covers our consciousness and the ego (ahamkara) takes a hold to help us survive. In other words we become self-centred, but some of us realise before others that our centre our Self, our essence, is not self centred and egotistical!

Our self-centredness means we must work with the package we have been born with i.e. body mind and spirit and keep it together as a whole in the best possible way realising that as one little cell in the body of the Divine we need to work hand in hand with all those other ‘little cells’ that are our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers…

We need to clean, rub, scrub even do the dance of the seven veils, to uncover ourselves! Cleanse the windows of the mind, so the mind and the ego work for us to help us find that beautiful person/spirit that is our essence. This will then mean that we find some peace and contentment in the hustle and bustle of life.

YOU are beautiful!

Satchidananda Ma