Spiritual Message Feb 2015

Find the Silence, find it in the world around you and find it within your heart, your mind and your spirit. This is not an easy task, for some more difficult than others.

In the silence, all things become possible, are possible. Listen for it, in the hustle and bustle of life as well as in those times of meditation. Finding the silence can help us stay sane in this world of noise, hurry and suffering.

The silence within is full, full of joy, full of potential, full of great things. Working from that silence beyond egotistical thoughts and feelings can bring peace and contentment in our lives.

Be a witness of all you do, stand back and allow your work to come from the silence in your heart. In your watchfulness you can take greater care and approach whatever we do selflessly, whether you are talking, listening or acting.

Wishing you all happiness, peace and good health in 2015.

Love and blessings
Satchidananda Ma