Spiritual Message Oct 2015

They say ‘silence is golden’.

Silence is even more precious than gold, than anything else one could name.

In silence you can feel the soft caress of the Divine, easing a trouble mind.

In the silence the Divine can talk to you, inspiration can come.

In the silence all things become possible.

In the silence you feel at one with the world.

In the silence answers come.

The silence gives you the strength to carry on when everything appears against you.

We need the silence in this world of ‘noise’; there are few places to be where there is no noise pollution.

And yet…we can find that silence within. Some may call it peace. This comes easily to some but for others it has to be worked at. There are many ways we can do this. Our troublesome mind is always wanting the first say in everything, interrupting when we wish it wouldn’t. The mind doesn’t realise it needs a rest! Let the mind know the rules!

Find the silence, the peace within. Let it be your constant companion.

Satchidananda Ma