Spiritual Message Jan 2012 Special

Dear One

This year in particular, so philosophers say, will be a time of change, a time when we are all going to be in need of one another.  Those of us in a position of influence need especially to be aware that it is not just those around us needing help, but the consciousness of our greater family as well.  This awareness must include the earth on which we live, since it needs our love as much, or indeed more than anyone or anything else.

Every night my own prayers include drawing angels of Light to the four corners above and around the earth; then directing their Divine Light to penetrate the clouds of ignorance, and remove the darkness from the hearts of wo/men.  Letting in the light will help people to see what is right, what is wrong and what is most helpful to their well-being, the well-being of others and the earth upon which they live. So this Light not only warms their hearts but is also a blessing for the earth.

In conclusion I thank the angels for their presence.  Try this for yourself to use your influence expeditiously.

Love and blessings for you

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Jan 2012

Like the snow falling softly and silently let YOUR blessings fall and touch the hearts of men and women bringing with them the knowledge of your Divine presence.

Lets the rays of sunshine warm the hearts of all enlivening the feelings of love and compassion.

Let the rain fall as if heaven sent to bring new life, and to wash away all discomfort.

Allow the dark days of winter to give time to reflect and prepare for the new year ahead.

A very Happy New Year.

Much love,
Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Nov/Dec 2011

It is said that the world is in darkness, this is because of what appears to be the predominance of such things as anger, hatred, jealousy, greed etc.  Yet where ever these conditions manifest there are the opposites especially love, compassion and selflessness.  Where ever there is darkness there is also light. “Why is there darkness? – that the light may shine the more”…

This time of year also appears to be full of darkness to some with short days, long nights.  We do have days that are cold yet bright as well as those days that seem to be full of low clouds thus darkness.  If we could just follow nature and in the first instance go out and enjoy the sunshine, even if it is just a walk at lunch time; if it is cloudy and dark you could still have a walk and enjoy the time to cogitate and to smile at those you meet, bringing a little sunshine into their day.  In the evenings enjoy curling up with a good book, good company, your favourite programme.

What is without is often reflected within; when the gale blows, we are agitated inside; when the clouds are dark we become moody and miserable; when the sun shines it brightens our day; in the darkness of night we are fearful.   What is within can be reflected out.  The warmth of your smile, the brightness of your spirit shows that the sun is always shining in your heart.  You are an angel in disguise!

Have you ever travelled at night with the moon and stars shining bright?  You go up hill and look down into the valley; you see a myriad of bright lights.  Your imagination sees not the light from the street lamps or the houses but the light of the spirits of the people living there; shining brightly, pure and untainted.

The darkness does not have to grow and manifest within the mind/soul. Let the one true Light of your spirit be seen, open the door of your heart, don’t be afraid.

Once you have seen the Light darkness can become a friend, it can then envelope you in its cloak so that you can sleep peacefully without fear of the unknown/unseen.

Let the Light of the Divine, the light of your spirit guide you through the darkness into the light.

Satchidananda Ma

Celebrate your family, your friends this Christmas and count your many blessings.

Much love as always.

Spiritual Message Oct 2011

Stop as often as possible to contemplate the expression of the Divine that manifests as;

  • ‘Mother Earth’.
  • ‘Prana/air’.
  • ‘Space’.
  • You, be it your body or your spirit.
  • Your friends and family…

Contemplate all those wondrous things we take for granted and yet are Divinely given and too often we take for granted.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Sep 2011

Always remember that you are pure spirit, which is as white as the driven snow; as warm as the sun on a summers day; as transparent as the clear blue sky; so very full of unselfish love; it has wings that can fly so high. This pure spirit is clothed by the rainbow and fed by the Divine cosmic spirit, but for now is housed by this body we call our own.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Apr/May 2011

We pray that You will reside in our hearts, but it’s in the knowing that you already reside in our hearts that we should pray for.

We pray that You should reside in our speech, in every word that we utter, lest we hurt and cause unwarranted pain.

We pray that when we touch, Your love flows through our hands.

We pray that every thought we have is coloured by You.

We pray for the knowledge that Your love flows through our whole being, in every action, every thought; that we see You only when ours eyes are open; when we touch we touch only You.

We pray that one day we will not need to pray for any of this, as we shall become an open channel for Your love.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Mar 2011

We pray for world peace, love and respect for our fellow travellers, for healing and support for those who suffer.  The good books tell us that life is suffering and that it is through this suffering that we learn.  If we learn by our suffering it helps us to mature, to ‘grow up’. To mature and grow up with an understanding of life prepares us for helping one another through the difficult times and for sharing the good times because there are good times, especially when we share our love and compassion and show that we care.

Have you ever thought – that the dear Lord is already caring for us all? And that no-thing comes our way that we cannot cope with? Life is like ‘tempering the steel’!

Love and blessing

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Feb 2011

‘In the cave of the heart there are priceless treasures guarded only by the Divine light of the Spirit that dwells within. When love unlocks the door of the cave, the Divine light of the Spirit shines forth and all that very precious wealth felt as ‘warmth’, as ‘caring’, ‘as ‘tenderness’, as ‘sharing’, as ‘true friendship’, as ‘support in times of need’, as ‘un-conditional love’…

…it is shared with everyone with whom you come into contact with.

The more you share, the more you have; for the Divine love of the Spirit knows no bounds and is like a spring of eternal love constantly flowing’.


Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Jan 2011

The Divine dwells in the Church, the Synagogue, the Mosque, and the Temple; under the open skies and in the God loving home, but what is this life if the Divine doesn’t dwell in your heart?

When the Divine lives in your heart there will only be unselfish action; love will flow.

Satchidananda Ma

Spiritual Message Dec 2010

Wise men speak of the great star in the east that led them to the stable. This star, this Divine light, is leading those who are wise enough to seek that which is Divine and that which will bring peace.

It is leading us to the cave of the heart where the Divine spirit dwells. Once that Divine/Christ spirit is found the door of the cave will open and the light of the spirit will shine out growing and spreading sharing its light and love with all people.

A Merry Christmas to you all and a Healthy and Happy New Year

Satchidananda Ma