Spiritual Message Jan 2012 Special

Dear One

This year in particular, so philosophers say, will be a time of change, a time when we are all going to be in need of one another.  Those of us in a position of influence need especially to be aware that it is not just those around us needing help, but the consciousness of our greater family as well.  This awareness must include the earth on which we live, since it needs our love as much, or indeed more than anyone or anything else.

Every night my own prayers include drawing angels of Light to the four corners above and around the earth; then directing their Divine Light to penetrate the clouds of ignorance, and remove the darkness from the hearts of wo/men.  Letting in the light will help people to see what is right, what is wrong and what is most helpful to their well-being, the well-being of others and the earth upon which they live. So this Light not only warms their hearts but is also a blessing for the earth.

In conclusion I thank the angels for their presence.  Try this for yourself to use your influence expeditiously.

Love and blessings for you

Satchidananda Ma