Spiritual Message Feb 2012

What does Charity mean to you?

  • Kindness; by being kind-hearted, thinking kindly of others?
  • Acting with kindness, performing good actions with good intention, alms-giving, doing good turns and more generally doing as one would be done by?
  • Giving things, such as donations, unwanted items, unused items and most especially, time.
  • Caring for those in need, not because you have to, but because you want to.
  • Thinking lovingly of others?
  • Universal love, unselfishness, sharing.
  • Sympathizing; being sympathetic and listening to those who have a need.
  • Is it just having one’s heart in the right place and the ability to see all as a reflection of oneself?

Surely you can add to the above, but they are all just part of a ‘whole feeling’ from that which comes straight from a heart that is unselfish, a heart alight with Divine love.

Satchidananda Ma