Spiritual Message Summer 2012

You are a spiritual being of light,
You are love personified,
You are a creation of the Divine maturing in the ocean of experience.
All creation is one, a creation of Divine love.
The ONE Divine power is the essence of all things.

It is interesting to note that scientists claim to have found the ‘God particle’ that draws other particles to it.

Consider these ponderables: –

  • What gives these particles their ability to draw others to them and so form life both animate and inanimate?
  • What holds your body together?  Is it the soul or the spirit, and if so, who or what instigated this process?
  • What impulse says to these particles, be a tree or a rock, be a human being …?
  • What gives that vital ‘essence’, ‘life’?
  • Does the spirit enter the growing foetus at the quickening?
  • What tells the seed to grow, the earth to feed or the water to sustain?
  • Is it fire/desire or the light…? or something else?

Satchidananda Ma