Spiritual Message Sep 2012

How often do we Yogi’s feel we are missing out if we don’t have time to ‘practice’, or to ‘sit’?

Many times people will ask us ‘how often do you practice Yoga each day?

The practice, the sitting to meditate and how much time you spare is important but the ultimate goal is to be practising, meditating, each and every moment of your life.  When every thought, word and deed is in essence Yoga, when every part of ‘you’ body mind and spirit is working in unison;  this is when selfless action takes place, so that everything you do flows and is (without thought or premeditation) a dedication to the Divine.

That said, within all of us there is a need to sit and contemplate and keep the body in such a condition that it can serve the Divine in others.

The above can apply to those within a religion, a philosophy. Practising is not just once a week or/and 20 minutes in the morning, it needs to be part of one’s very being.

Everyone has to start somewhere and great blessings are bestowed on those who do, for it is long and not so easy a path.

Satchidananda Ma