Spiritual Message Apr 2012


Without faith we flounder, like a ship on a stormy sea we are tossed here and there losing all stability and power of control.  We also need faith in our own ability to cope with day-to-day living and all the ups and downs that come along;

Faith will bring strength, confidence and the ability to help others cope in the same way because we can share our knowledge.  We are all ‘in the same boat’and if we share our trials and tribulations, comforting one another then nothing seems so bad.

We need faith in our fellow beings, to understand that essentially they too are Divine creations, even when it might not appear so! Just as we need patience and lots of understanding with ourselves, so we need it with others too.  One-day that wisdom will come, as it does for all of us in time. Faith will help us to live in peace with one another and care for one another.

Faith in the Divine, that presence which supports us and gives us life, can be a difficult concept, unless we consider that that which is Divine, is like the sun which sheds its light indiscriminately on everyone, and goes on shining even when depression clouds our view. The Divine is always there as the most patient mother and father, always loving and waiting patiently at hand to support and help when we realise that there is a greater wisdom than ours. The Divine gives life and love to all in equal measure, no one more than another, just as it gives power to the sun to always shine.

We need humility of spirit to know that when the going gets tough there is help we can access.  There is a saying ‘that when the going gets tough the tough get going’.  They get going because they have faith and know to be positive and act, rather than just sitting back and bemoaning their lot is the best way.

We all need someone or something to look up to, to inspire us and lead us on to greater things, to become more peaceful and contented but not complacent.

We all have work to do to uncover the best in ourselves, to see what is good in others, and to open our eyes to see what is beyond the apparent.

Satchidananda Ma