Spiritual Message Jun 2013

Sent with love.

Words like ‘tolerance’ ‘love’ ‘compassion’ ‘sharing’ ‘giving’ and many more like them seem to be used often these days. Why? Why is there such a need to use them so often? Is it to remind us that they exist? These words express something of our essential nature. Has their true meaning been forgotten? We shouldn’t need to be asked to show some compassion, to send a little love, to share what we have or to give some time – we should just do it.

Money cannot buy what should come from people to people. People need people. Maybe it’s time we stopped being so insular, we are a world-wide community. We may seem divided by continents, colour, race, language. Break down the body into its natural constituents and you will find we are all made of the same stuff. We all breathe, talk, walk and eat. If the scientists could find that elusive principle (the spirit) that gives this body life they would find that all life has the same origin, we come from love Divinely given. At some point in our lives we all have a wish to seek that which is Divine, the Truth.

So how different are we? Why cannot we be friends? Why cannot we try to understand one another?

There is a real need to dispel ignorance by gaining knowledge about other races and religions, making time to stop and talk to a neighbour, giving a little time to a good cause. Never question what we might get out of a relationship but what we can put into it, whether it is in a one to one situation or nation to nation.

Please delve into your heart and let the true nature that is within show itself.

 Satchidananda Ma