Spiritual Message Jul 2013

Action in non-action –

We all need to develop the ability to watch and observe, and to be in the moment. We need to obtain a state of watchfulness. This watchfulness could be likened to watching a play on screen or on stage; it is like watching life as it unfolds around us. Watching, taking note, being involved – yet not being involved is something that needs to be nurtured. It is like watching the play of the emotions, the senses and our reactions to all situations without allowing them to rule our lives. Without this watchfulness we become totally involved with whatever is going on around us and within the psyche judgement can easily become marred and we can become subject to irrational behaviour or actions which we later regret.

This watchfulness could be called detachment. Detachment does not mean becoming insensitive, unfeeling. It can mean the opposite for if you are detached you can observe more carefully, clearly and so act more purposely and sincerely. The most difficult time to be detached is with our own families, with those closest to us, because the emotions seem to rule the situation and cloud our vision. We can let the emotions dictate instead of common-sense. When we let the emotions rule over common-sense they can result in pain.

“This calm steadiness of the senses is called Yoga. Then one should become watchful for Yoga comes and goes”.   Katha Upanishad

 Satchidananda Ma