Spiritual Message May 2013

 To control our own lives

We have a need to control our own lives; to take responsibility for ourselves and the only way to do this is to let go and allow!

Involution has placed us in a world of illusion so that we think that we do everything and that without much effort on our part and much intellectual knowledge – nothing will happen.

We feel very separate one from another- you and me, us and them. We see all the other living things around us as being very different.

All things in the universe and beyond are imbued with the same life force, given to us by the One Divine power. It is from that one Divine power that all that we know exists.

It is said that what goes up must come down, yet have you considered that what comes down must go up i.e. the seed falls (involves) then grows (evolves)?

Look around and see the beauty of nature, the trees and the flowers, all-aspiring upward and outwards towards the Light. They do not stop and say ‘now do I want to go this way – or maybe that’. No, they do what comes naturally to them. They are true to their nature, true to themselves and they enjoy being themselves not wishing to be another.

Our bodies have a similar consciousness to the above. If allowed they would heal themselves, take their natural shape and move freely.

To identify with the body and the external world only is limiting, we need to identify with the spirit that dwells within, for this will enable us to see the need to release the body to function freely. Only then can we really know that we are an individualized part of the great Divine Spirit/consciousness.

Our spirit is clothed in Divine Light, we are beings made of Divine love, yet generally we experience ourselves as limited beings. Yes of course we are limited beings because we live in a physical body, but our true nature is Divine. If we could but surrender to Divine will, we may know That Light and feel the warmth of That Love and realise that all things are possible. We would be able to see more clearly what has to be done and how to do it for the benefit of all.

 Satchidananda Ma