Spiritual Message Oct 2014

We live in a physical world of opposites, a mental world of opposites (and of course many grey areas), but rarely in our world of the spirit.

We find it natural that day follows night, we somehow cope with the mental everyday ups and downs of our lives, but how often do we become aware of the balanced world of the spirit?

Our true Self (our spirit) appears to be hidden away whilst we cope with what this physical and mental world demands of us. It is as if we expect ourselves to be something/somebody other than our true Selves to be able to cope. We may have glimpses of ‘our tranquil Self’ when in prayer or meditation, even during the rest of the day when something beautiful or tranquil touches the spirit, like walking in a quiet woodland with shafts of sunlight coming through the trees. Even so we forget the spirit when we again become involved in our worldly activities.

Are we two people? One who tries to be what others wish us to be and one that we ‘think’ we should be? Yet there is a third person! It is only when we meditate that we find who we truly are and dwell in our true light, the light of the spirit.

Yogis over the millennia have been showing us the way to find that tranquil spirit within and to be only THAT (thou art that, we are told). We find equanimity in the world of the spirit, so the world of opposites is then seen as natural phenomena. As a place where lessons are learnt, where the ‘metal is honed’, or the ‘lamp is cleaned’. A place where we can once again find our true Selves, for somehow we had forgotten. Eventually in our minds we can find the balance and peace always looked for as we are no longer controlled by the senses or a mind that wishes to be here, there, and everywhere all at the same time!

If and when we can control those multitudinous straying thoughts and the senses that continually run away with us, maybe we will find tranquillity and the ability to work selflessly and lovingly in this world of opposites by working from our still centre where the Spirit resides.

Satchidananda Ma