Spiritual Message Nov 2014

Light comes and darkness disappears. Knowledge and understanding arrive and ignorance disappears.

Understanding the world around us and all that is in it can bring a greater calm and unconditional love into our lives; love of humanity and its many foibles. Unconditional love is all consuming, it knows no limits, you will not be able to keep it to yourself and you will have to share it. Ignorance can bring anger, hatred and fanaticism. Remember, both are contagious!

Love and devotion to the supreme can bring knowledge of the Supreme’s love for us and for everyone. Our love and devotion can act as a Light that helps us through our dark times, for we all have them.

The winter-time is a good time to do candle meditations. Many of us need extra light and don’t always realise this.

It is a time of year when we can easily succumb to different ailments, so please take great care of yourselves.

Satchidananda Ma