Spiritual Message Jan 2014

FAITH – Faith is very necessary to give us some direction and support. The word faith imbues strength; strength which is divinely given and found in the very core of our being.

HOPE – Hope helps us to develop a feeling of trust. Trust in the Divine, trust and confidence in ourselves and in those close to us. If we have no hope we are lost. We hope that all will be well no matter what we have to face. Hope that this New Year will bring us all that we need.

CHARITY = LOVE – Love of those who like us walk the path of life, who suffer as we do, who care as we do, who comfort as we do. If we love, we give of ourselves freely. Some say charity begins at home! Home for us is this body and mind, so take care of them and you can forget them and become truly selfless; a pure charitable being.

Satchidananda Ma