Spiritual Message Feb 2014

We test atomic bombs, we denude the earth of trees, we frack, we take, take and abuse this earth upon which we live. We call it mother earth as it supports life, but for how much longer will she support life if she is treated in this way. We pollute even though we can see the consequences.

A thought is that if the detonation of atomic bombs alters the earth’s axis even minutely, this could easily alter the movement of weather patterns. It is no wonder that our weather becomes so violent at times!

It is not just a thought but a fact that removing trees from vast areas leaves those areas subject to flooding and vast mud slides, which then ruin villages and kill people. Then there is the fear of earthquakes, which are very frightening things, even small ones.

How about a little more respect for the earth upon which we live? To look after us well she needs nurturing not abusing. Saying this, how well do we look after ourselves? Do we respect this body we live in? Do we feed it only good wholesome food and clean water? What about the mind? Do we feed the mind good wholesome food?

Let us start here ‘at home’, then let our efforts spread. Contemplate well on what we can do in our own little worlds to make our lives ‘wholesome’ so that the earth, the environment and all that lives on it, benefit from our being part of it.

Satchidananda Ma