Spiritual Message Jan 2009

A very Happy New Year to you and yours.  It is said that procrastination is the thief of time; I think you would agree. Would it not be a good new years resolution, to do things now and not leave anything till a later date?

It is better to say you love someone now rather than leaving it too late. To contact an old friend the moment you think about them, lest they be forgotten. Many jobs are ‘left on the back burner’ time and time again. Do them now for it not only makes you feel better, it clears the mind. The mind (like your desk) becomes cluttered, cluttered with unwanted thoughts and feelings, do something about it now. Have an early ‘spring clean’.

Yoga tells us to cleanse the body and the mind and then the spirit within can be seen. So make a start, clear the rubbish that prevents our view. The rubbish that stops us seeing clearly, who we are, what we are; seeing clearly how precious are family and friends and how peaceful we can be. It is a troubled world and it may always be so, that is why it is so important for us to get our house in order to be able to find peace within.

Stop, take minute vacations, meditate, and retire within even if it is only for a short time. Centre yourself, time and time again till it becomes natural for you to work from your peaceful inner being, no matter what may be going on around you.