Spiritual Message Apr 2009

The sun shines and its rays illumine our world and our lives.  It shines on us all indiscriminately.  This reflects the love of the Divine for without the Divine and the sun, which is the Divine’s representative, there would be no life, no love to be felt and shared.  Love is to be shared, love cannot help itself and no more than the sun can help itself, it has to shine that is its nature.

We are all touched and blessed by both.  Both can be radiated from within ourselves in those moments when selflessly we look upon others and the world around us.  They are moments when no decisions need making, love just pours forth, it is like a state of annandam – pure joy at what we are seeing and sharing.  Words are unnecessary, barriers have melted away; you are at one with the Divine within yourself and the Divine in all that you see.

Let the Divine and the sun radiate from your heart all your days.