Spiritual message Oct 2013

You are a Star, a star in the firmament and one that should be seen shining forth, giving light and guidance to all.

That is we would be if we could but shed those veils of ignorance that hide our light away, that prevent the spirit (the star) from being seen or showing its true essence.

Dance the cosmic dance with Shiva and slowly and surely discard those veils of prejudice, envy, jealousy, misguided concepts….

They all hang like a chain around the neck, preventing not only ourselves but others from seeing us in our true light, from seeing the beautiful spirit that resides deep inside.

Yogic philosophy speaks of the ‘cave of the heart’; the spirit resides here waiting for you to find it. It’s like Aladdin’s cave for when you have found yourself the light of your spirit which dwells there; you have also found all the treasures as well. These treasures are priceless – unconditional love, goodness, compassion, sharing, caring….

You will forget yourself, for you will then become that light, that love etc. You will shine so brightly.

Satchidananda Ma