Spiritual Message June 2014

Are we born to be ‘selfish’? Is it the survival instinct that makes us so? We are born to love, but is our love unselfish?

In the sacred texts we are asked to watch carefully our every thought and action. To be ever watchful, to walk the razors edge! This is not easy and needs much care. We need much time to watch and care before it becomes second nature. Time to slow down, to meditate, to become in tune with who we really are and how we wish to behave, to bring peace to that often aching heart.

Aching for that time when we can become in tune with the spirit within, our true selves and also with the world around us. An aching heart that wishes to become unselfish and unconditional love is the norm; a time when the lower self transforms into the higher self the spirit within.

Satchidananda Ma