Spiritual Message Feb 2010

When we can see beyond our everyday consciousness, our ‘little selves’ and the play of the senses, there is a great expanse of wonderment.  It takes us beyond the world, the stars and into infinity.  It’s as if we are a small dot in the firmament, like a cell in the body of the Divine, part of Divine consciousness.

The essence of what we are is Divine, what a wonderful thought, yet at the same time awe-inspiring, what a state to live up to!  If we let ourselves down either in thought, speech or action, if we hurt another in any way then we let the Divine down, we hurt the creator!  We hurt ourselves.

If the essence of what we are is Divine then the essence of all that is, everyone else is Divine also.  So we have a big challenge to watch carefully all we do.  We walk the razors edge carefully until it is our nature to be at one with God’s creation.