Spiritual Message Nov/Dec 2012

We don’t have to sit silently/quietly to have the feeling that someone/something is very close to us, that we are not alone. It comes as an impression of warmth, of love, of comfort.

Being human we like to understand this feeling, what is it? Who is it?  is it our guardian angel, is it just someone close who loves us – thinking of us?  You may even think it is someone who we have lost to another world, for when they were with us the connection always conveyed a particular feeling.

This impression can come when we need it most, touching our hearts and lifting us up. Some one cares!

Christmas can come with mixed feelings for many of us.  Sometimes feelings of joy, sometimes of sadness.  Some wish to join in the Christmas spirit but cannot because of the pressures of life. Oft quoted “what is this life so full of care”.  It needs to be full of care, care for one another.  The Christ child came to bring hope,hope that we will care for one another, love one another.

There is much help; help that can come from unseen worlds as well as people around us.  It will come from unexpected places.  The greatest gifts we have to give cost nothing, and there are many many of those.

Much love and many blessings

Have a wonderful Christmastime

Satchidananda Ma